Software Development

We create software to make the most complex tasks easy - helping your business be at the pinnacle of it's efficiency.


We synchronize data between online / offline sources - making it easy to continuously update information between your existing software and websites.


Drastically increase efficiency by automating complex or tedious tasks - such as data entry and analysis, PDF reading and more.

Custom Software Tools

We create software tools to give your programs the functions they lack - and create brand new software to help your business Increase Revenue, Reduce Expenses & Eliminate Risks.



Web Development

Here at Hutility we provide your company with the online presence it needs - helping increase customer satisfaction, efficiency and profit.

Web Applications

We create innovative back end (server-side) applications to deliver the functionality for your website lacks - enhancing your users' experiences.

Website Design

Our creative team collaborates with you to create a stunning User Interface - delivering the elegant look you want with the powerful text you need.


Our developers can not only implement E-commerce (Shopify, Woocommerce, etc.) for your website - they can create custom software to add your desired functionality + seamlessly integrate the E-commerce information with your existing accounting/inventory software.

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