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Notedock Features: All About Domains And Subdomains

This is part of a series of posts highlighting Notedock’s features and functionality. From the very beginning, we’ve built many features into Notedock that can help you work faster. Up till now, most of them have been “hidden” features, that most of our users haven’t discovered yet. Hopefully, with this series of posts, you’ll learn something new that can supercharge your workflow!


With most apps and services on the web, if you have an account, you log onto the website directly. So if the app is at example.com, you’d go there and log in.

Notedock is a little different. Each Notedock lives at it’s own unique domain where it’s users go to log in. So let’s say your name is John, when you sign up, you get to choose a Notedock domain. If you chose john.notedock.com, then that’s where you go to access your Notedock.

If you go and log in directly at notedock.com, you won’t be taken to your Notedock account, instead, you’ll be shown a list of Notedock’s that your email address belongs to. This is because your email address can be tied to multiple Notedock accounts, which you would have to log into separately.

Now, you might be thinking this is a little confusing. But there’s a useful (we think) reason for this. On most sites, like we mentioned earlier, you log in with your email address to the site directly. With that method, your email address is tied to one and only one account on the entire system. If for some reason you need multiple accounts on a service (say, a personal and business account), you’d need to use and maintain multiple different email addresses to log in. With Notedock’s subdomain system, you can use the same email address to log into multiple Notedocks.

Here’s a good example of why this might be useful: Let’s say you’re working on 3 projects, each involving different team members. Having a single Notedock and separating the projects using tags wouldn’t be ideal here, since you wouldn’t want to give each team’s members access to the other projects. The way here, would be to have 3 separate Notedocks for each project, with each having their own different members. Instead of having to use 3 different email addresses to separately log into each Notedock, you can use a single email, and simply access each project’s unique domain.

There are a couple of advantages for you here:

  • No need to maintain multiple email addresses –> less administrative burden

  • You can be logged into all of your Notedocks at the same time –> work on all of them simultaneously

Custom Domains

Ok, so the subdomain you wanted to use is already taken. Or, you wanna use your own domain to access your Notedock. Not a problem, just simply set up your Notedock with a temporary domain, and let us know. We’ll get your custom domain set up on our end, and guide you through what you need to do on your part.

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