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Getting Started with Sage300c Customization Wizards

To kick things off, we’ll quickly go over the two main wizards you’ll use to create a web screen customization. Sample projects that use these are in the SDK on Github, but we’ll illustrate them here for a quick reference. You’ll find an example of an OE Order Entry screen customization, in the SDK, at: /docs/customization/Sage300SDK_WebScreenOrderEntryCustomizationTutorial.docx

The first wizard you’ll run, is for the client side web UI. You can find this wizard in the SDK, at: /bin/wizards/Sage.CA.SBS.ERP.Sage300.CustomizationWizard.exe


Navigate to your Sage 300c Admin dashboard. If you’re running locally that would be at http://localhost/Sage300/Admin 

From that screen, import your zip file.

Once imported, click on your customization, and assign it to be available to a company.

Log out of the admin dashboard, and navigate back to the main Sage300c application at:


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