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Discover How to Put Your Pay Stubs Online Without Switching Your Payroll Software

So your company still spends hours manually printing and mailing pay stubs?

Welcome to the future my friend. Hutility has developed a product that allows your company to add pay stubs online for all your employees, without having to change your payroll software.

This product is called InStaff, created so that your small to medium sized business can finally stop printing pay stubs and get them online. We create a custom website portal for your employees to login, where they can easily view past pay stubs and tax forms online from anywhere.

The software uses pay stub PDFs from your existing accounting software to automatically create accounts for employees and to easily upload their pay stubs each pay period. This saves HR tons of time and money rather than manually mailing them out, allowing your company to allocate employees and funds elsewhere, essentially allowing the software to help pay for itself!

As you probably know, payroll software can be very expensive. So there is no point in buying a whole new system – wasting the money you spent on your current one – just to put your pay stubs online. Unlike conventional payroll applications, InStaff is more so an add on to your current system, allowing it to be priced very fairly. We understand that small to medium sized businesses like yours have very tight budgets, which is why we provide this add on for a fraction of the price of a new payroll system.

There are additional features that would allow you to use InStaff as a complete employee portal – all optional of course. This includes:

  • company-wide announcements

  • a company directory

  • shared company documents and files

  • time tracking with various approval workflows, customizable fields and department specific features (integrations to select ERP systems available)

  • time-off requests

  • private employee files (great for employee agreements and contracts, as an example)

For a small cost, these features allow InStaff to be a more complete employee intranet that gives employees access to all relevant company information all in one place.

To talk about getting your employees’ pay stubs online, visit InStaff for more information.

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