FAQs for Products:

Sage 300 Order Processing Utility

What is it?

A tool that allows you to process multiple orders at once and streamline order processing in Sage 300 ERP with multi-screen functionality in one window.

How does it work?

It uses multi-screen functionality to display all relevant order information in one window, so you can easily process multiple orders at once.

Sage 300 National Account Code Change Utility

What is it?

A tool that allows you to easily associate a Sage 300 Customer Code that has outstanding balances to a new National Account Code.

Sage 300 Bank Reconciliation Program

What is it?

A flexible tool that allows for mass reconciliations of payments and invoices with a bank-generated import file.

HuLib - C# Library

What is it?

A comprehensive C# development library with ready-to-use functionality for common operations in Sage 300, Excel, and SQL data binding, for quicker development.

Sage 300 Lot Transfer Optional Field Updater

What is it?

A tool that identifies copy optional fields from an originating lot in Sage 300 to a destination lot.

SAP Concur to Sage 300 AP Sync Integration

What is it?

A tool that automates the import of SAP Concur extract files into Sage 300 AP Invoices module. It can import across multiple companies.

Frameworks to Sage 300 ERP AR Receipt Importer

What is it?

A tool that imports Frameworks receipt data into your Sage 300 Accounts Receivables Batch.