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Software Developer

About Hutility

Hutility is a software consulting and technology firm specializing in the development, customization and integration of enterprise software since 2004. We work on both web and desktop software, integrating with accounting systems (i.e., Sage 300 ERP) and various web APIs (i.e., Shopify, Amazon AWS, etc.).

In addition to consulting for our clients, our company develops, markets, and supports web and desktop products of our own.

We are a small, agile team of enterprising individuals with our hands on multiple projects at any given time and our eyes on new product and market opportunities.

About the job

As the 8th member of our team, you will be empowered to make a difference. Our growing client base keeps the project pipeline full - you will have the opportunity to touch a wide variety of businesses and industries as you help to design, develop and maintain software that will be used by our clients on a daily basis.

We are looking for a "jack of all trades" with the interest and ability to work on both front-end and back-end, web and desktop applications. In addition to the variety of other work you will be doing, you will be expected to take the lead on the UX/UI design components of a number of our applications and projects, so an interest and proficiency in this kind of work is necessary.

You will have to work and think quickly as you manage multiple ongoing projects at any one time. You will have a chance to exercise your full skillset and learn new skills as you work both independently and closely with other team members on the many different projects that come through our door.

Our tech stack: .NET, C#, Visual Studio, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, Azure, AWS, Git, WPF, Typescript, Python (for legacy applications)

Job Responsibilities

– Design and development of custom software programs and integrations for clients in a Windows environment, primarily in C#

– Development of in-house applications and libraries

– Learning and integrating with new APIs

– Lead UX/UI design components of projects

– Self-QA. We are a small team without a formal QA department, so ability to self-test your code is a must

– Troubleshooting, debugging, and upgrading of deployed software

Example Projects

– Create integrations between various systems and APIs (e.g., Shopify and Sage 300 ERP)

– Generate financial reports from an accounting database

– Port existing Python web applications to a .NET codebase

– Refresh/update UI for existing applications

– Create web screen customizations for the Sage 300c ERP system

– Work with the team to design and implement an internal project management application that integrates with various services we use (Jira, Azure DevOps, Slack). This would involve learning the APIs for the different services as well as SQL, C# (ASP .Net Core), javascript/typescript (or maybe Blazor if you are feeling adventurous)

Job Requirements

– Bachelor's degree or college diploma in Computer Science/related field with relevant work experience

– Strong grasp of OOP principles

– Strong knowledge of SQL

– Strong knowledge of CSS or ability and willingness to learn

– Comfortable learning and working in a variety of programming languages and technologies

– Strong written and verbal communication

– Able to develop complete programs with polish, both independently and with others

– Able to work on other people's code bases

– Able to extrapolate from project requirements

– Experience and interest in web development and design (front end & backend)

– Experience and interest in UX/UI design

Candidate Characteristcs

– Quick to learn (e.g., new languages, APIs, and programming concepts)

– Adaptable and flexible as you will be working on a variety of programming tasks/projects

– Able to work independently and with others

– Able to manage multiple on-going projects

– Highly detail-oriented

– Willing to learn and consider input from others

– Considers long-term implications of programming decisions; designs code accordingly

– Able to view programs from end user perspective

What You'll Get From Us

An opportunity to make an impact as the next member of our small but successful team. You'll find an empowering environment and a high degree of responsibility along with a wide variety of projects to work on. Our close-knit nature means your input will matter and your output will make a tangible difference to the overall growth of our company and products. You will have a chance to leverage your full skillset, develop new skills, and try on different hats across the business.

Enjoy a flexible work schedule with opportunities to work from home, free team lunches on Mondays, a kitchen with snacks, coffee and drinks, an onsite gym, and a casual dress code.

Health and dental benefits are included.