QuickBooks Desktop To Sage 300 Migrations

Looking to move from QuickBooks to Sage 300? We can help!

  • Migrate General Ledger Accounts & Journal Entries, Customers, Accounts Receivables, Vendors, Accounts Payables and Payroll data into Sage 300.
  • Compatible with QuickBooks Enterprise.

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E-Commerce <-> Sage 300 Sync

Integrate your Shopify or WooCommerce web store with Sage 300

  • Import orders into Sage 300's OE Order Entry.
  • Send up inventory counts from Sage 300 IC module to your Shopify or WooCommerce store.
  • Currently available for WooCommerce and Shopify. Use another e-commerce platform? Just let us know!

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Frameworks to Sage 300 ERP (ACCPAC) AR Receipt Importer

Easily get your Frameworks data into Sage 300 ERP (ACCPAC)

Desktop application to import Framework Receipts directly into Sage 300.

Import receipts based on Check and Customer numbers or by Pay dates.
A way to automate the input of data from Frameworks to Sage 300 ERP (ACCPAC).

Stripe Payments To Sage 300 Importer

Easily import your Stripe payments into Sage 300

  • Import a CSV file of Stripe payments into Sage AR Receipts.
  • One-click import, no more manual entry!

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DART - Data Analysis Reporting Tool

Business Intelligence from multiple data sources

  • DART allows you to combine data from multiple SQL Databases, into a single view.
  • Custom queries and forms allow you to slice and dice your data, and export into CSV or PDF formats.
  • Saved queries allow SQL-proficient team members (e.g. IT, developers) to construct re-usable reports for use by accountants and key stakeholders.


Tools & libraries for quicker, cleaner and more robust software development.

HuLib is a comprehensive C# library to facilitate quicker development and more robust applications. It assists by providing ready to use functionality that is common for custom Sage 300 applications.
But it's not just for Sage 300, HuLib has facilities for common operations like reading/writing to Excel files and SQL data binding.

We use HuLib internally, and now you can too!


  • Quicker development times
  • Shorter code for the same tasks
  • Code robustness (replacing custom implementation code with well used library functionality)
  • Code readability (especially in the case of Sage 300 code)
  • Tools to generate code for you
  • Frequent updates to enhance functionality


Send Pay Stubs & More Online Instantly.

InStaff works with any payroll system that generates PDF pay documents to automatically deliver pay stubs, tax forms and more to your employees through a customizable self-service portal online.

InStaff is more than just paystub delivery:

  • Upload/View Pay Stubs & Tax Forms Online
  • Self Serve Employee Records
  • Time Tracking Online
  • Broadcast Announcements
  • Private Employee Files
  • Manage Time-Off & Vacation Requests
  • Company Documents & Files Management
  • Employee Directory
  • Certifications & License Manager


Your Team's Project Management Center

Notedock allows associates to store and share notes, links & files with their team in an organized, easily accessible way. Collaborators can easily introduce new content/media, brainstorm ideas and participate in organized discussions.

Projects can be shared with all employees or can be given access to only certain groups, allowing for employees to participate in the projects that are specific to them.


Your Company's Customer Portal

Self-serve customer portals — built to sync with your existing Sage 300 ERP (ACCPAC) Accounts Receivables.
Give your customers the ability to view account activity and pay invoices online.
Provide your accounting team an accessible way to view your accounts receivables on the web.